• Mc-Donalds Dubrovnic Videomapping 3D Fassadenprojection mapping, video
  • Mc-Donalds Dubrovnic Videomapping 3D Fassadenprojection mapping
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Projection mapping

facade projection mapping

About This Project


For the Mc Donalds Cooperation weekend in Dubrovnic, Croatia for the Mc Donalds franchise owners, we had the task to visually underlie the diner en blanc in front of the St. Ignatius Church which was build in 1725. The whole projecting mapping on the church was a surprise for the audiance and includes four visual parts which were in total 15 minutes long. In the beginning of the event, the chruch was illuminated with projected spotlights. At this part the audiance still didnt know about the mapping. this changed through the whole show, where the whole church moved in 3D space till it exploded in particle.