Contrast Vision [ˈkən-ˈtrast · \ ˈvi-zhən]

is a Munich based design and motion graphics studio specialising in state of the art entertainment, large format media installations, live events and visual communications. With almost a decade of experience in this industry working with international brands and artists, the unique aesthethic way of our work transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Stepping away from standard set ups & techniques, contrast vision work within the visual word / CI of the client to push its boundaries to a new benchmark.

Founded in 2008 in Munich, Contrast Vision started as a VJ Lab focused on live visualisations and content production. The name translates as the difference in luminance or color that makes an object distinguishable and refers to the different outcome to most of the other design agencies. Contrast Vision aim to produce timeless original installations and designs and apply their creative hearts and minds to any and all of their work. Always.

Since back in the days, through the striking visual appearance, Contrast Vision found itself soon at the heart of the vibrant German electronic music and nightlife scene. By countless collaborations within this scene, Contrast Vision is partner with the most prestigious and outstanding Clubs in Munich as well as renown Festivals all over Germany.