Krauss Maffei Stage projection mapping handy fotografiert eine videokunstinstallation Pioneering plastics Krauss Maffei fusion stage mapping 3d video mapping auf einer Bühne
Low Poly Projecting Form

contemporary stage installation

About This Project

Kundenevent mapping

Munich based creative agancy Serviceplan for innovative communication did a rebranding of Krauss Maffei in 2019. For their public announcement presentation at K 2019 Preview  in Dusseldorf the goal was to present the rebranding in a new way. The idea of communicating the rebranding in form of a mapping was born.

The new designed logo of the global working mechanical engineering industry is containing low polygons with 3 dimensional shadows. This structure is predestined to expand with light. With this base, Contrast Vision adapted the existing structure of the logo into a new constructed low poly form. On one hand, the form were build for the announcement of the new branding. On the other hand, to show the fusion of Krauss Maffei Group, Krauss Maffei Berstorff and Netstal.

The showpart for the 120 selected press members from all over the world was 1 minute. One minute to communicate the core brand identity and to show what the future is gonna be. The new CI and the fusion of the company.